Jeff was very professional and listened to my concerns and what I had gone through before. He helped me to understand everything he was doing and made it easy for me to be able to understand and use the hearing aids to the point that I was comfortable. He also explained the procedure and where my hearing was not working very well. He adjusted the hearing aids and worked with me to get them to where I was comfortable with them.
Jeff did an excellent job and highly recommend him and his services for hearing aids.

Steve K.

I was so intimidated to be tested for hearing devices at only 50 years old and was very reluctant. But Mr. Miller was so kind and calmed my nerves right away! He was so knowledgeable and helpful, as well as empathetic to my feelings about the experience. And now I love them because I can hear again! Thanks so much to Gem State Hearing for helping me to feel normal again!

Nicole Y.

Is the place to go if you want quick, professional service. I was the only one there, so I had the time to ask all questions and was shown all I needed to know about my hearing aids and was given the courtesy to call back or come in any time with any questions or problems with just a quick call to set up an appointment. I love my hearing aids and they were definitely affordable.

Louanna Z.

OK finally broke down and did the hearing test, my wife and friends have been asking me for several months. I went to Gem State hearing and Jeff was so thorough in not only the testing but in explaining exactly how the aids work in each ear. I was much more detail that I thought. I have only had them now for a few hours but it has created a world of difference for me already. Highly recommend!!!

Tom H.

Jeff provided candid and sound advice, directing both me and my wife away from getting hearing aids, rather than towards buying then. I don’t hesitate a second in giving him my strongest recommendation.

Robert B.

Jeff from Gem State Hearing was very knowledgeable and helpful. He has helped me with any questions about the type of hearing aids that would be the best for me. When he got the aids in he explained everything to me. He advised me to let him know if any problems.
I had a couple issues and went to see him and the problems were taken care.
I am glad I chose Gem State Hearings for my hearing aids and service.

Dave H.

I recently purchased hearing aids from Jeff Miller at Gem State Hearing in Boise, Idaho. I was extremely pleased with his product knowledge and professionalism, as well as his promptness in scheduling me for a consultation and then for the hearing aid fitting and orientation. I’m so happy with the hearing aids and would recommend Jeff at Gem State Hearing if you are in need of a hearing aid.

Suzanne Y.

Jeff Miller was great helping me get new hearing aids. He was thorough and explained the test results clearly. I am very happy with his service and stupor.

Mark S.

Jeff did a great job explaining my new hearing aids from True Hearing. He took time to be sure I understood all the choices, cost and helped me get the app downloaded to my phone.

Mary Lee R.

Jeff took extra care & time to explain to me my particular hearing loss and how the hearing aids would help. He took into account my lifestyle and where I would be using them. I am only on my 2nd day, but they are working beautifully! Thank you to Jeff for all his help.

Cyndy G.

I am very happy to recommend Gem State Hearing. I found the service I received fast, & thorough. With kindness & patience shown.

Vonda H.

It was so nice to deal with someone as knowledgeable and personable as Jeff! He made the process of selecting hearing aids easy. I highly recommend Gem State Hearing!

Jeanne B.

Jeff, owner, very nice, intelligent, wants to help. All around good guy!


Jeffrey is great to work with, he listens to your needs and takes the time to answer all your questions. Thank you for all you do!

Steve C.

The owner is very professional, kind and super helpful taking all the time you need to answer all of your questions! Very happy about that whole experience!


The hearing test was fast and easy. I only have mild hearing loss at this time and don’t require a hearing aid for my type of hearing loss. But if I ever do, I will return to Gem State hearing to get my hearing aids.

Sherry J.

Great customer service, never have to wait long for appointments. Hearing consultant was very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about his customers. Very helpful. Highly recommend.

Kathryn T.

Very helpful and polite. Did not try to sell me something that I didn’t need. Honesty and showed lots of integrity. Highly recommend his service.

Leonard T.

Great Service. Highly recommend for all tour hearing aid needs.

Bill G.

I brought my mom here. They took great care of her. They made it very easy.

Ralph B.

Jeff is a person to work with!

Rodger K.

Very professional, great service. Communicated well, and a pleasure to work with

Gaylan F.