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We are committed to helping those with hearing loss regain their sense of hearing through hearing aids. We understand how important hearing is in your daily life, and we want to help you live that life to the fullest. Our independently owned and operated facility can test you for hearing loss and provide you with the best hearing aids for your needs.

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Jeffrey Miller H.I.S.

Gem State Hearing offers professional, top-notch levels of listening aid services including: audiometric testing, hearing aid fittings, and otoscopic examination. Jeff Miller is an independent consultant and not governed by a large corporation. Because of this, he can offer individualized customer care. Jeff’s center provides hearing aids for patients dependent on personal preference and budget. Jeff’s goal is to offer each patient the very best care possible based on their unique needs, and to provide the enhanced quality of life that they deserve.

Jeff Miller, BC-HIS

Board Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences

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Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

Jeff Miller is knowledgeable about the most advanced hearing aid technology. He can help you select the most appropriate solution for your individual lifestyle and hearing requirements.

Test Drive Your Hearing Aids

We are proud to offer a risk-free Hearing Aid Test Drive at our office. Participating in this free program is easy. Simply schedule a complimentary hearing exam with one of our licensed specialists and you’ll be given trial hearing aids to “test drive.”

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Adequate hearing is crucial to your health, communication, and happiness. We match the benefits and features of the latest technology to your activities and individual requirements. We will see you through the identifying, selection, testing and upkeep of your hearing selection journey.

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As you get older, your hearing can become less acute. Don’t go without hearing every note of your favorite songs or every nuance of your grandchildren’s laughter. Come to Gem State Hearing today to get your hearing tested. We’ll determine whether hearing aids can benefit your hearing and, if so, we’ll get you fitted for them.

Call 208-323-7187 now to schedule a hearing appointment.

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