How do I choose a hearing aid?

How do I choose a hearing aid?

The best hearing aid for you will depend entirely on the type and severity of hearing loss you're experiencing. That's why the process should always start with a hearing exam and evaluation to see whether hearing aids will help, and which ones will address all of your hearing concerns. Some hearing aids, for example, will help manage tinnitus symptoms.

I'm having difficulty hearing, what do I do?

Please give us a call so we can setup your appointment for a hearing exam. We recommend bringing a family member or your spouse as this is something that affects them too. This will be done in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Unlike other places where you have an appointment time along with other people, we only make one appointment per patient. On the initial consultation we like to visit with you as well as doing other tests. This will assure that we will find the right solution for your hearing and your lifestyle.

I had hearing aids before, how is your office different?

By treating you like we would treat a family member. We are one of the last family owned and operated offices. We will get to know you and your family by name, not by a customer number. You are an individual looking for help and you will be treated accordingly, not like cattle in order to get you out quickly.

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